Edible #3: Recipe for the They Draw & Cook website!
My pick was stir-fried bitter melons.
I’m not in any way Ryukyuan (though I wish I was), but my family makes this a lot. Veeery tasty.

These are some works from the fall senior illustration thesis. I’m doing 16 interior illustrations based on the personalities of the MBTI. So far I’ve done 4/16, and there will be all of them by the end of the semester *crosses fingers*. (top: ISTJ, ENFP bottom: INTP, INFP)

What’s your type? 

Edible project #2: Food posters! We were assigned the national food holiday of our birthdays, and mine is the “National Peanut Butter Lovers Day” (that’s a thing, yes).

The final was printed 18x24 inches! 

Hello! The Fall semester has officially started (so senior year…oh my god) , and this is the first assignment for my food illustration class! The project was to draw all the ingredients for an assigned recipe.

Hopefully they look appetizing!?

Oops. I received a question of where they could find the backpack from this illustration, but this is the place where you can find it. hope it helps!

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Thanks very much ヾ(*・∀・)/
If you like to travel, than it’s a great way to record the places you went (and food…yes). Plus, you get to talk to quite a bit of people along the way, so it’s really fun. 

Sorry for the lag in updates. I hope you are all having a good summer, I’m relatively alive…

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excavated pointless doodle.
please don’t jump…

It seems like my mac decided it didn’t like the lineart. Sorry, I’ll do something like this properly later on.

step1: pencil, inspiration and a lot of patience
step2: watercolor, and yet again, patience
step3: ink with pen 
step4: rip the masking tape off (ahhhh), scan, and tweak colors

(my methods are really simple…)

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mei-ping » こんにちわ!Hello! :D I just found your blog while I was casually backtracking my inspiration tag and came across one of your wimb posts. I feel bad for only following you now ^^; anyway I have something to ask, when you colour sketches like wimb, do you do them on the spot and do you use water brush? : D

Hi mei-ping! Thanks for the message. :) arigatoooo.
The sketchbook doodles are drawn directly with a ballpoint pen, and then watercolored in later. The more detailed drawings is drawn in pencil first , painted, and then finally inked. I’ll add images in a bit.
I hope that answered your question!

So, I was fortunate enough to go visit again.
I promise we did more than eating…  

Sketchbook things from the past week!
More to come in the next week or so.

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hand lettering#

So doodles during crit turned out like this in the spring semester…
If you recognize all the songs, bravo!

(This is all originally done in ball point pen on a sketchbook, but I got carried away with photoshop. fufufu)

Happy break, I’m going to try and keep doing a new set per week.
New dolls! Hope you like them.

Finals week: and the chaos begins

This is my junior thesis work in progress…it’s due on Tuesday. any bets if I’ll finish in time? hahaha